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The content of this ebook unlocks the Tools and Mindset Shifts that enabled me to move from a state of:

  • Chaos 
  • ​Addiction
  • ​People pleasing Behavior
  • ​Not being able to say no
  • ​Constant Self Doubt
  • ​Overpowering Shyness & Hiding/ running away from life & responsibilities
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Guilt ridden days!
  • ​Emotional outbreaks
  • ​Abusive Relationships
  • ​Not knowing how to create my own income
  • ​​Giving everything away for free for fear of not being loved/accepted
  • ​Constant fear of rejection
  • ​Fear of Success
  • ​Depression
  • ​Feeling empty  & Soulless
  • ​undiagnosed ADHD symptoms
  • ​procrastination & negative self talk
  • ​inability to speak to people & build new relationships
  • ​social 'phobia' / rejection sensitivty dysmorphia making it hard for me to socialise without feeling overwhelm of discomfort -being the one in the corner or leaving as quick as I could

transformed to:

  • being the creator of my life, not the effect 
  • overcoming addiction and co-dependent behaviour
  • ​creating a healthy relationship with money
  • creating inner confidence and stability
  • ​being of positive influence to others around me
  • ​healing family relationships of narcissist and victim dynamics
  • ​Walking and therefore eliminating fears & gaining confidence & trust towards self
  • ​ability to balance my intense emotional outbreaks and anger to feeling emotionally balanced and grounded
  • ​becoming the creator of my true vision 

  • ​let go of the need to please and live through the vision and expectations of others
  • ​Not knowing how to create my own income
  • ​​to be free from being the victim to a force such as of  'addiction' to have power over me - stopping to smoke after 13 years and doing drugs every weekend after 15 years
  • find the community & support that enabled me to thrive
  • ​create my own business
  • ​be able to make money afterall

  • ​help artists all over the world to get to know and love themselves too and thrive with their creative gifts
  • create a loving relationship that has worked through challenges and beat a destructive cycle of prior destructive relationships
  • ​living my vision of being my own boss, free from burdening emotions, living on my own terms

I don't know how long this ebook will be out here for free, but it is only a limited time because as I speak I am  interviewing Artists for the updated version of this, at which point I will be publishing it.

So grab it while it is here for FREE!

I will be covering the following topics:

In this book I am covering all areas, of creative sensitivty, ADHD, addictions, learning to notice your potential, living on your terms rather than others expectations, how to kickstart your Art Business & tips on how to overcome Procrastination, negative self talk, how to build self belief and what your purpose is on this earth!
Grab it for free while you can and start today with being the creator of your life!!
Fill out the form below to get your FREE ebook sent straight to you...
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