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If you have thought about monetizing Your Art but just didn't want to sell out nor did you know where to start, learn to know what your next steps could look like



so it can support you as an artist to express yourself as free and inhibited as you want

Leverage your creative passion and skills into a financially viable art business so it can support you as an artist to express yourself as free and inhibited as you want.
Create a dream business out of your low hanging fruit and support your long-term journey of creating the Art YOU want!
Instead of having a job you don't like, that feels unfulfilling or that tires you out, why not leverage on your creative skills in order to support your journey of being an artist?

Do you sometimes feel like.....

Do you like the idea of turning your creative skill into a profitable art business to support your career as an artist, but don't know where to start?

you are a great artist, super excited about your
creative passion

& want to do this long term, but are struggling to keep your head above water doing unfulfilling jobs & fall to the conclusion that you'll always be a starving artist? 

Whether you are a self taught artists or you studied art, it doesn't matter, everyone needs to create an income.

Perhaps you are in the early stages of selling your art and making a name for yourself or maybe you are just playing with the idea.

But you envision to one day do art fulltime or perhaps part time.

Some of you are unsure on what steps to take to create an income that excites you and that enables you to be creative every day.

That is why turning you creative skill into a financially viable business is something valuable that every artists can think about, especially now!

Artists are usually not businessy because you don't want to create a brand or a product out of your art and do art for a certain client base, because you don't consider that to be art, that would be product design. You don't have to! Not for your art, but you can leverage on your creative skill in order to create an income that can support you on your free non-businessy art journey!

You may have art or an idea you want to monetize or you may not know what this could be! That is not a problem at all!

The idea is that you leverage your creative skill, in order to earn money while enjoying it and making a name for yourself long term for your personal art!

You don't have to make a business out of all your art, you can choose because you are your own boss and you decide how you want things to look.

Artists are free and fine artists are supposed to stay free, this program is not designed to impose entrepreneurialism and restriction or bending your authenticity regarding your art and kill the point of making art, but it is supposed to free you up so you can create as much as you want and it shall give you both tools, the short term business mindset tools of leveraging your low hanging fruit, which brings in the money and the long term tools to help you create a name and exposure for your art for galleries and collectors. Everyone's path is unique and I don't subscribe a one size fit all path, this is simply giving you starting pointers and tools to use straight away to support you as an artist!

This training of course doesn't cover all the possibilities there are and by no means can I say am I the only expert in this field, there are so many more experty arty people out there, but I have a fantastic track record of helping artists turn their passion into a profession and giving them time to create their art that uniquely fits to them!

Before I share my story, so you get to know me a bit better, I want to check if it will be something that resonates with you:

Tick the boxes below that resonate with you:

You are an artist, self taught or with a degree or similar and want to create art freely
You have  this internal urge to 'self-actualize' to live and share your purpose
You don't know where to start in leveraging your low hanging fruit in order to create your own art business, so you can let go of any job you feel holds you back right now creatively
Do you feel overwhelmed when you even think about setting up your own art business?
Do you struggle with the idea of selling and fear 'Selling out'
Do you have this nagging thought, that tells you 'artists can not make any money with their art?
Do you feel that art and business are not combinable?
Do you feel anxious about becoming visible and pouring your vulnerability into the world?
Do you want to change your current circumstances?
Do you want to create a strong growth mindset additionally to your already creative mind?
Do you  want to learn to create new habits to help your productivity that don't feel hard to implement?
You don't just want a one size fits all quick fix, you want tools to create the right foundations that support your future for long-term fulfilment!
You want to be free in expression and in life and not be restricted  to create and be with the people you love!
If you ticked one or more boxes you will be getting value from reading the letter below!

Let me share with you
how I harnessed my
creative passion


...even though I had a previous aversion to the word business itself & felt like I would be selling out, plus felt overwhelmed with all the steps of becoming visible & struggled with major rejection sensitivity

From: Maria-Katharina Richers
Re: Kickstarting Your Art Business

Hi, my name is Maria Richters the Founder of Born to Create and Art of You and I am an Art Therapist, Artist and a spiritual Art Business Coach for soul-growth oriented and highly sensitive artists.
I also work with highly sensitive individuals on aligning with their creative side to connect with their purpose and inner power to be confident about themselves and their lives….

Having an entrepreneurial streak and vision I set up my first business, 2 fashion design brands, straight after University in 2013. It got some amazing feedback, some good traction, the branding was awesome, the designs were great, I got some sales, did some Fashion Shows, won 3rd place in a competition and received some amazing response for my designs because being a creative, first and foremost, the design was my comfort zone, but I lacked some of the most important ingredients to make a business actually work out long term and I simply couldn't see it.

The missing vital ingredients to make a business:

  • ​Absolute passion, congruence & connection at a deeper level for what I was doing
  • ​Business Know-how
  • ​Confidence
This all changed in 2016!

2016 was the year everything changed. But not to the way I thought it would.

My past included a lot of ups and downs. I lacked direction and focus and with that I suffered from addictions, whether that'll be food, smoking, drinking and generally partying excessivley.

As an individual, I'm highly sensitive person, with an introverted and shy side and sometimes and a lot of times, very forgetful with so much on my mind, to the point where I think I might have ADHD, which I call High Definition Attention Difference. I didn't know this at the time, but as a teenager I was also suffering from social phobia, fear of speaking in front of people and feeling extremely unsure and self conscious about myself, not feeling worthy enough.

I lived in Spain, from the age of 11, with a totally different lifestyle to what I grew up with in Hamburg, Germany. It was a big change for me and actually the change moving from Germany to Spain at such a young age, had an impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing, getting bullied and feeling mainly as an outsider. On top of that, the area in Spain that I was living in was really quiet. Beautiful, but very quiet, which once I discovered partying, led to an excessive habit, which on one side was a release to my extroverted side that was hidden behind the shy self and inhibiting me, which later included a lot of escapism, leading to a lack of that 'get up and go', you get from doing something that you love.

I think all of this had an impact on on me being a people pleaser & not being able to say no.

So let's roll forward to 2016, which led me to a great knowing. 

The year everything changed

In 2016, 3 years after graduating from my Bachelor, after a long battle of studying, and failing and repeating my studies, doing a few internships and realising I did not want to be an employee in a fashion company having seen how people were treated, I decided to set up my own business and commit to the fashion industry being self employed.

Now, apparently they say the fashion industry is not for everyone and I can safely say after a few years of being in it, it wasn't for me.

I was working 24/7, where I would have to produce collections for fashion shows in a very short period of time, and would have to work one to three days without really any sleep.
Sadly, I had my vulnerability attacked when I trusted in people, for instances, I saw my work in magazines without being credited, and also got parts of my collections stolen off me by some of my fashion 'peers' that left me feeling very broken and my optimism about this being my life, dropped.

I was drained, from being in a place that felt inauthentic, harsh and tiring, while not even resonating with who I had around me.

Things happen for a reason, but I had to be open to hearing what my intuition was telling me and to let go of something that clearly wasn't good for me.  It wasn't easy despite of genuinely not enjoying my life.

Deep down inside I knew that creativity was my life, and it was quite clar that it was art rather than design, but it took me a while to comprehend this and let go.

Image shows Tinkilove Fashion Show, Tshirt designed by Maria in 2015 says: Ego vs Love 'I choose Love - Live your souls purpose', Model

When I finally surrendered to my intuition, this is what I learnt:

  • 1. Life is about spending quality time with the people you love

  • ​Being stressed when it is not because of something you truly love and stand behind, it is not worthy stress

  • ​If you have recurring thoughts you don't want to listen to, it is overdue to listen to them right away

  • ​Letting go is key to moving forward and invite in what is meant to unfold

  • ​My creativity is as important as breathing!

  • ​Doing a job or owning an identity, for the wrong reasons, such as because we have a need to 'Be' someone, or because we are scared to lose stability, is doing it for the wrong reason and will eventually collapse...

  • ​You already are everything when you are born, we just add on a lot of things to unlearn again

  • ​Fear is your best indication of your next step

  • ​You are the reflection of the people around you

  • ​If you don’t work, nothing works - self care at top priority 
Quality time and space, for myself and the people that I love is most important.
So I chose to create my life around the desired and needed lifestyle and not my lifestyle around my life if that makes sense. I had to figure out what I needed in order to be fulfilled and create the life around that. Being around the people that I love is my why, and if I think about what peoples WHY in general is, to why they are doing what they are doing, when you break it down it will come to this aswell.

If you are not doing what you are most passionate about, the worries associated to this particular thing are energy suckers! I mean this in the best way possible. The realisation for me, that I was wasting my time and energy on worrying about the things that caused me stress, such as being stressed about what fabrics to choose, which stylists to impress, what fashion show to book on, instead of investing that energy into what I wanted, was life changing.

If your thoughts, visions and mind occupations aren't aligned to your deepest values and needs, they are not worth keeping. 

What are you currently worrying about that actually does not feed your soul ?

My top 3 Values are Creativity, Love and Spirituality. To be honest, for me all of those values are the same. Each value contains the other values and vice versa. Knowing what they are helped me to create my life around it.

Understanding the reasons we do things, why we choose certain professions even if they don't truly represent our deepest values, is eye opening. If we are experiencing a reality we don't love, we are ignoring some of our core values.

They have to be aligned. So we choose our reality more often through comfort, safety, fear and lack.

For example, I chose to study Fashion because I didn't trust that my ability to paint was enough to make it as an artist, though I was always more an artist than I ever could be a designer. My teachers voted for me to go to art school. I chose not to through underlying reasons I wasn't aware of back then.

Reasons I chose to not be an Artist, when I had the choice:

which I think are the common reasons, artists or people in general don't do what they want to do if it seems 'too good to be true' or when it seems 'non-aligned to what your family's or surrounding people's ideal, expectations or limiting viewpoints are' that you care about or want to be loved by, additionally to so many other reasons.. (which runs more subconscious than conscious).

  • Fear of being a starving artists
  • ​Fear of not making it and dissappointing family members
  • ​The need of 'being someone' when I am a designer, rather than an artist, because being an artist was so close, that I couldn't see the value in it. (Coming from feeling insignificant, like a nobody and having a need to impress, because of a lack of self worth).

I didn't have fear of selling out, because at the time I didn't have any idea about finances and selling wasn't even in my conscious awarness.

This was also rooted in a toxic relationship, if not rather a non- existing relationship towards money, which didn't allow me to feel comfortable charging for anything. .

"I wasn't living aligned to my values, hence the conflict... that’s why none of the fashion businesses worked out! I didn’t work out! I was constantly going against my own grain!"
Sound familiar?

Speaking at the Best You Expo in London UK, 2019 on the topic 'Awaken Your Creativity'

What decisions did you take, that were rooted in fear or doubt but you were convincing yourself that your decision was exactly what you wanted?

What if you trusted your self?

Like in my example... What if  I trusted myself and went to study art instead of convincing myself that Fashion was what I wanted?

I think in hindsight, that I would have been more connected to what I was doing, if I had the confidence and connection to myself that it didn't matter to me who I was or who I should be, but just allowed myself to be. I wasn't ready yet, so it is ok, but learning from this, and having come back around to art years later, was only because I admitted to myself that who I already am is enough!

Do you resonate?

Perhaps there is this little doubt within you sometimes telling you, that you need to be more, or look into other directions, away from you... I am here to try to remind you that you already are everything you need right now in order to be fulfilled!

Listen to your intuition!

If you have been reading until now, it may be because something has kept you here, perhaps there is a desire to be fully who you are and not to have to hide, feel ashamed, feel scared to not be able to survive if you did what you wanted or feel like you are trying to fit into somewhere that isn't you.

You want to have the freedom you know you can have, internally aswell as externally.

Your creativity is your own inner voice, it is your expression, your playful part of you, your heart.
That is why you are here, because you are an artist with a gift to share.

When I listened to my intuition and followed my creative passion, this place now is where it brought me.
My relationship to art is free, I mainly do it for myself, I sometimes sell some commissions, but so far I am just happy to have reconnected with myself through my art. I got here, by letting go of fashion, letting go of what I thought was going to give me stability. I got here, by figuring out what I have, that U can give to sometime.

My low hanging fruit, which I will share more with you about, allow me to be creative, to use my creativity rooted in my spirituality, together with the desire and ability to help people, with my art, business, coaching and art therapy background to help the individuals I feel most devoted to. The artists of the world.

It is time to rise with your art!

Until now Art as a Career was not taken very serious and mostly seen as a nice side hobby or something  only reserved for the artist 'underdogs'.

But then again, when everything in the world changes, so changes the place of Art and Artists in the world!  It is the time of creativity and entertainment!

So let me tell you, Art is rising now!

I want to help you enhance the awareness of yourself and your current opportunities around you!

If you want to be able to have something long-term sustainable, something that is yours, that is creative, that makes someone else happy, something that will enable you to have freedom in your expression and allow you to create your non-biased art and have people want to buy your work,  without coming across as being a pushy or businessy, continue to find out about this Video Course for you.

In 2018 I put together a Facebook Group, with over 350 Artists and aspiring creatives in there, who would desire to create that change in their lives and commit to making art for a living. This was just the start of finding out what artists needed, wanted, feared, were challenged by and what help was asked for.

I went on to create different programmes after getting to know my clients needs better and did a bit of trial and error in this field. I would find out exactly what artists needed to make their hobby more of a business and create a thriving art business sharing their creations with the world.

What I was struggling with myself is articulate what I was offering. My own barriers of communication took me a while to get to the point.

What I wasn't yet sure about, was the business element with artists, because wher eI knew that the artists wanted to make art, they often struggled with the idea of business, which I only later understood where the error was lying.

Artists create art as a way to express their truth and because it brings them joy and is not something that can be authentic when it is made FOR someone in mind.
The same goes for me, we want freedom!
So what I have come to is that artists want to create an income stream through their creative skill, that then allows them to free up their time to ccreate their art and then connect to gallerists and collectors. Bottom line is, that artists don't make art for the sake of business, and that is exactly the atmosphere of how I created this Course. So.....

You certainly can do both at the same time!

After a few years of trial and error, I would find the right combination of tools I learnt, from working with aritsts and from learning from successful artists and gallerists, various business coaches and my own personal development to create a long-term sustainable business catered for your artistic expression, with the matching tips and tools perfect for Artists to take the steps and the wisdom they need to move their creative passion into their profession, with their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health in mind, with an investment as little as a meal for 2.

Bottom line: I now have a fruitful combination of the tools to help the artists in the best possible way, that I am aware of. to kick-start their art businesses.

How does Born to Create help you and your Art?

Born to Create’s Kickstart your Art Business Starter Video Course not only helps to create the fruitful foundations and the strong mindset, but also has put together some of the most current and up to date secrets and hacks that artists need to get clarity on the roadmap to creating a successful art business online.  

So.......The  exciting new Video Course has now launched!

It's called  "Born to Create! Kickstart your Art Business Starter Guide".

With launching this, it is the start of people turning artists lifepaths into creating a life that they love, which is fully based on their creative skills which is the start of their legacy!

This program will set you out to gain foundational key learnings to thrive with your art by being very clear and being able to set the grounding foundations necessary to do so.

In this program I share the exact steps to get you started with your art business and the tools that helped me and thousands of successful artists.

This program is designed to create confidence and inner peace while setting up beneficial business foundations to run your art business.

Nobody else will tell you what you should be doing! You will be the creator of your own life, you will be your own boss!! This course is the start to your freedom!

The new year will be asking you to step up your game even more than this year!!! Why wait and prolong anymore?

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you avoid the same kind of challenges arise like they did for me when I was not being true to myself!

I am with you!

So, let me introduce you to the Born to Create! Kickstart your Art Business Starter Guide Video Course below:

Maria-Katharina Richters
Maria is a passionate artist, coach & mentor.
Lived in Germany from 0-11, Spain from 11- 19 and UK from 19-31

She was painting since she can remember, especially into detailed and realistic drawings and portraits.

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in 2007, Kingston University
BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear 2008, UAL London College of Fashion
Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching 2017
Diploma in Person Centred and Solution oriented Art Therapy, HIK, Hamburg 2019
Diploma in Coaching Supervision ICCS 2020

Tinkilove Fashion Brand and Capturelove Cap Brand, 2013
Art of you Coaching since 2017

Maria makes her own art and sells portraits by comission, Djs for fun and helps artists pursue their creative dreams too, helping them create the self belief and the trust towards themselves and their ideas and mentors them to create a financially viable art business. 

Let me introduce you to

THE 'Kickstart your Art Business'
Starter Guide

for Artists & Aspiring Creatives!

This Video Course helps you with putting the foundations in place for running a successful Art Business to support your Artistic Legacy and brings you the tools you need to bring your creations into the world!

It makes it all simple for you to:
  • ...become the creator of your very own unique, high-quality Art Business leveraged from your low hanging fruit (LHF)...
  • ​create an income that is based on your creativity, so you can be an artist full time
  • ​figure out your Why; why you are doing this, so you can be aligned to your true values and communicate more effectively with your clients and when building a relationship with collectors and gallerists
  • ​Figure out what your Low Hanging Fruit are, so you can speed up the process of creating traction and making it a success
  • ​Figure out the pricing for your Art
  • ​ do this from the comfort of your home...
  • ​Optimize your Marketing Reach with Social Media Platform Tips and Tweaks
  • ​How to connect with Gallerists and Collectors for your originals
  • ...​sell your first or next art pieces via prints, commissions, exhibitions or teacher training transferring your skills, whatever your LHF will be...
  • ​...bypass all the pain of creating your artistic business on your own, without focus, creative business mindset or guidance...
  • ​ the artist that you are, supported by a successful art business, instead of a job supporting you that does not fulfill you or align with your values, needs and lifestyle desires, while thriving with your foundations set in the right way, that will create your legacy you can count on...
  • ​... and much, MUCH more!
    Now you never have to worry about the lack of self-belief caused by not truly knowing your value, nor having the right or wrong 'positioning', neither about carrying the limiting belief of the starving artist with you wherever you go and let's not forget the fears of 'selling out' again!

    When you have the right strategy in place it takes away the feeling of overwhelm or the feeling you are not worthy to be successful. Sometimes it is just some simple steps that help you to actually see that you also can be successful.

    Which also means, you're not going to stay stuck, feeling like your art won't ever sell or that you will never make it work and continue thinking that selling is the issue and stealing you from being the creator of your own art business and life you could have had.

    And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Born to Create!'s 'Kickstart your Art Business' Starter Guide for Artists and Aspiring Creatives!" in less than a couple of weeks if you apply yourself to it and commit to making a change and it costs less than dinner and drinks for 2.

    So again, if you're an artist who wants to make a sustainable and profitable business with your art, understand this:

    You can have your first art sold in no time and be on the path of proving the starving artist myth wrong, making your dreams become true ...

    When you go through this simple, proven process you can be certain that you will be able to let go of the job you don't want to do for the rest of your life and replace it with spending your life doing and being what you love...

    The instant it's done you can leverage your new online presence as an artist in business to start getting more of your creations out into the world, more leads, more customers, more subscribers and more quality of life...

    'Kickstart your Art Business' Starter Guide for Artists and Aspiring Creatives! " holds the key to your success with Kickstarting your Art Business
    Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With

    Kickstart Your Art Business Starter Guide

    for Artists & Aspiring Creatives

    A Step by Step Program setting fertile and potent long-term Foundations to Birth your Creations into the World Safely, Sustainably and Anxiety-Free! 
    6-step program, 6 weeks
    The Artists's Survival Guide To Creative Business Growth & Success  ($197 Value)
    This training program is your key to build the creative business mindset you need to go with your creative skills in order to keep you and your art business growing and result in business success and will show you how you can hit the ground running and get your Art business growing fast and stop ‘wishing' you could run your own art business and actually get it done (faster than you ever dared to dream).

    This is about creating the Legacy Creation Mindset that helps you to take action and to be able to deal with rejection sensitivity, bounce forward, beat the starving artist mentality & create for the long term.
    Quick & Easy Set The long term-Profitable Foundations Secrets for Artists ($197 Value)
    This Course is the secret for you to get clarity on what your calling is, who you are as an artist, who your buyers are and if you want to know what your 'low hanging fruit' are, whether you want to sell commissions, original or prints, or all of the above... Set yourself apart from every other artist and align to the path meant for you only Here you will set your prices and craft your message.
    The Artists Insiders Guide to Creative Business Infrastructure Tools & Resources Every Artist Needs ($97 Value)

    This Checklist and Resource Section is   the shortcut to create a structure to  make the running of your business more smoothly and effective, so you're able to minimise your time spent looking and trying out thewhat creative tools may help. I have done the search for you and created a have list of tools and a selection of resources  literally saving your hours, weeks if not months of time spent on doing things on your own trying to sort out operational stuff, that you'll now be able to access with one click.

    Act now & Get these incredible Bonuses...

    BONUS #1: The Artists's Survival Hacks for Sales & Marketing & How not to be afraid of it ($197 Value)
    The Artists's Survival Guide to Not Be Afraid Of Sales And Marketing 

    This training makes it a snap to become confident at being visible to your market and communicating the value to your buyers, as well as be comfortable at pricing and selling your art at all. which helps you reach a lot more people with the given strategy and start enjoying the process of selling your art without feeling you are selling out and finally reach those income and business goals you've always wanted to in order to make art full time become a reality.
    BONUS #2: Artist's Connection & communication Guide to Gallerists & Collectors  ($147 Value)

    Here you will learn how to connect with gallerists, collectors & how to use social media to create a good strategy to sell your art online, optimizing your marketing reach with a few tweaks and tools.
    BONUS #3: The Artist's Guide to Beat Procrastination & Self Doubt  ($47 Value)
    Break Through Artist's Block And Be Sure To Keep Moving Guide

    This Audio  is the secret artist's block giving you some incentives what to do when this is the case, helping you in case you are prone to procrastination or easily overwhelmed.

    All of this, for the Price of a Meal for 2, grocery shopping or a new canvas!

    It's an irresistible offer!
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If "Born to Create!  'Kickstart your Art Business' Starter Guide for soul-growth oriented Artists and Aspiring Creatives!" doesn't help you get more clarity on how to set foundations for your art business & career... if it doesn't to do this from the comfort of your home... or if it fails to help you sell your first or next art piece via prints, commissions, exhibitions or teacher training, transferring your skills, even if you committed and applied yourself... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked!
    All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with Kickstarting your Art Business results!
    Frequently asked Questions:

    Kickstart Your Art Business for Soul-growth oriented Artists

    is a shortcut!

    How much time is required?

    Each video tutorial is around 5-20 mins long. If you give yourself everyday 25 mins to 30 mins, you will be able to watch one video per week and do the task every day for 25 mins.

    That is all. Ofcourse if you are ahead of this time, you can watch a video a day and add another 25 mins of doing the work or more, it is up to you. We recommend using the pomodoro technique to not get overwhelmed.

    Can I get more personal Help?

    If you need more help you can email, however the Video Course is giving you everything you need to implement things yourself.

    Here's to your success with Kickstarting your Art Business!

    Love & Light,

    Maria-Katharina Richters

    Let's get started today!
    Here’s A Recap Of
    EVERYTHING You'll Get
    When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
    • Quick & Easy Set the Right Profitable Foundations Secrets for Artists ($197 Value)
    • ​The Artists's Survival Guide To Creative Business Growth And Success  ($197 Value)
    • The Insiders Guide to Creative Business Infrastructure Tools and Resources Every Artistpreneur Needs ($97 Value)
    • ​BONUS #1: The Artists's Survival Guide to Not Be Afraid Of Sales And Marketing Themselves ($197 Value)
    • ​BONUS #2: Break Through Artist's Block And Be Sure To Keep Moving Guide ($147 Value)
    • ​BONUS #3: The Artist's Guide to Beat Procrastination And Self Doubt  ($47 Value)
    Total Value: $882
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